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Agency Manager Multi Cities 0 - 10 31-Oct-2014 | Apply >>

1. Recruitment of agents and developing business through team of agents. 2. Hiring and managing agents in terms of activization to meet goal sheet targets, while keeping track of claims ratio. 3. Managing existing relationships with agents and ensuring a high performing team of productive agents through proactive servicing and information-sharing.

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Travel Sales Multi Cities 1 - 7 31-Oct-2014 | Apply >>

Respnsible to Sales of Travel Insurance

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Executive - Branch Operations Kolkata 3 - 8 31-Oct-2014 | Apply >>

Executive - Branch Operations

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Dealer - Retail Broking Multi Cities 0 - 10 31-Oct-2014 | Apply >>


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Manager Multi Cities 1 - 15 30-Oct-2014 | Apply >>


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Associate/Sr. Associate Operations - Non Voice NOIDA 0 - 2 30-Oct-2014 | Apply >>

Documentation, Coordination, MIS handling, Good Knowledge of Excel.

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Associate/Sr. Associate Operations - Operations Support NOIDA 0 - 5 30-Oct-2014 | Apply >>

The associate is responsible for email communication with the branches and uses all available tools and resources to help the branch with his query, request or complaint. The communication involves mostly written communication, however, verbal communication is also required in certain conditions. The associate also needs to follow up with other department/s to ensure quick resolution of the branch's inquiry/request. He/she needs to maintain high levels of quality and should be good in written communication skills.

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Branch Manager - Central Dealing Multi Cities 2 - 18 30-Oct-2014 | Apply >>

Branch Manager

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Sales Manager Health Insurance Multi Cities 1 - 20 28-Oct-2014 | Apply >>

1. Initiating and building relationships to source business 2. Ensuring activization of partners and clients 3. Develop business to meet targets 4. Providing proper servicing in terms of policy delivery, claims settlement and any other queries/complaints/requests

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Agency Sales Multi Cities 7 - 10 27-Oct-2014 | Apply >>

"1. Managing the branch in all aspects - admin, expenses, work enviroment, resources, team members, etc. 2. Formulating and implementing distribution strategy for agency, alternate and all channels to maximize distribution mapping and ensuring maximum coverage. 3. Distribute workload and geographies among team members and ensure high performance of team 4. Utilize business acumen to run customized R&R program at a branch level, run organization-wide R&R pgm and ensure overall business developmt."

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